Monday, 11 July 2011

Final cushion designs :)

These are my final cushions designs to be sold with a gift aid for Shelter charity in an Art& Craft fair coming up soon, I'm really happy with the way the look, going to do some new designs soon.

Designing a label for my cushions.


Here is my final label design. I scanned a piece of lace that I used in some of my cushion designs. I kept the colours neutral so that they don't stand out over the colours used on cushions. Each label will have a ribbon stapled to it and attached to the cushion by a safety pin. The idea is that the person who bought the pillow can detach and save the tag as a mini business card. My blog address is printed on the back so that they can take a peak at my other work.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Exiting/inspiring stuff.

Bridget Davies
Tracey Emin
I absolutely adore Tracey Emin's work, I thought it would be a good idea doing something with bits of textiles like on her piece above. Also I must say here that reading her new book inspired me furthermore for all the current work I am producing.

Some more ideas..

I thought I could maybe screen print these?! Actually they are quite scary, apart from the first one, I really quite like that.


So... I guess I'm getting a bit obsessed with the idea of making cushions, but there are so many designs out there that inspire you even more... :)

Image transfers

Some image transfers that I created from my drawings. They are a lot brighter and quirkier in real life, it's  a shame you can't see it here. I was thinking of using these on some cushions but not very happy with how messy they are.

Drawings of houses

I began my research by drawing houses that I could use as a pattern. Or use a whole drawing?

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Media that I would like to work with

This lovely lady is designing some adorable bears that are hard to resist for any girl.. She donates every 10% from each Bubs Bear to St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice.

I really like the fabrics on these. My ideal project would be if I got to use fabrics or some kind of textile work.