Friday, 7 January 2011

Alternative Film Poster

The aim of this project was to re-design an existing poster to your favorite movie or that is poorly done. As soon as I had the brief in my hands I knew which one I would do. Dark Water (2005) is one of my loved movies but every time I take the case of the shelf I can't help but think how it looks more of a game/cheap horror movie rather than something I like watching over and over again. So here is an original and my own poster designs.

In my opinion the last poster underlines some key bits that the original poster doesn't cover, for example colours that are used throughout the film and the scene that gets you staring but when on the poster wondering is two figures walking away, I never understood why it wasn't on the poster..

Still Life

Some drawing pathway creations..

Playing with fire

Another thing I looked at during my research was fires. I took my original drawing then edited a little..

Gas Masks

As I took my research further into the disaster that occurred last summer, I decided to explore gas masks- the big emotional weight on people in Moscow as they had to wear these monsters on daily basis. Here are some sketchbook development examples.