Wednesday, 13 April 2011


A few favourite sketches from my figurative sketchbook, drawn from observation.

The weight of war.

Following the visit to the Imperial War Museum for the 'Weight' project on drawing pathway I decided to focus on the emotional weight that war brought to children. My main concern when exploring the subject were the gas masks that everyone had to wear during the war and emotional impact on children as they were getting on with daily things. In both pieces I used charcoal as it's a heavy material and doesn't flow on paper creating an awkward effect. Monotone colour adds to the mood.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Do you fly in your dreams?

Going back to the 'Dreams of flying or flying in your dreams' drawing pathway project . This is my final piece in which 3 people are having a joint dream. In my feedback though I got told that some of my development work ideas were better than the final piece.

I've always dreamed of posessing wings.
Birds just take it for granted, the gift of flight,
Like singing of finding worms in the dirt.

Tonight, I will join their domain.
Propeller sputters to life
Chut, chut, chut...

Development of final piece.


Here is a sequence of development that I made towards my poster. First I tried to imagine a typical happy family sat around the table to then add disasterous fire or smoke behind them. Then I took one of my drawings and digitally edited gas masks on the top of their faces.

This is one of my favourite development drawings.

This image portrays a traditional Russian Orthodox wedding. I changed the image below so that the priest is giving the gas mask to the couple.
I initially wanted this to be a final piece but it didn't turn out as well as I thought so let's say this is a draft of my final piece.

More development from 'Fires across Russia' project...

Fireman looking up on the tree that is caught on fire.

These two images were produced when I thought of the stress that people in Russia were going through during the summer 2010. I also started thinking about the final piece and that if I developed these further they could go on a poster or flyer to help raise money.


For this week long project I chose to illustrate "Smash the control machine" by William S. Burroughs. There is no particular reason why I chose this quote. I read all of them and tried to break it down onto some ideas and I liked the idea I came up with for this one.
I have represented a person who has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I familiar with this syndrome within my friends and I know how they don't like certain things 'their brain tells them to do'. Frustrated, the man is trying to untangle the ropes that are all over his head and hands.
I thought this piece was quite sucsessful for a week project and I enjoyed exploration into the subject.