Monday, 9 May 2011

Final Poster

So here it is the final poster which at print size is A2.

More pronunciation development work

I have 31 pieces of this kind of development work so I'm going to show only my favorite ones :) Although it is probably half of them.


 The idea for this one was to write  the description in the silver bit.
Here I wanted to highlight the subject but to make the face one solid colour, in this case gold.

In these ones I wrote the description next to the image and tried to highlight the parts of the face that are used during pronouncing a particular sound.

I really like these 5, they look really vintage 40's but unfortunately it's not the look that I'm going for.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Drawing pronunciation

Some drawings I did from the photographs I took.

Patients and Psychiatrists

These are by Gemma Anderson. I find them a quite useful inspiration for creating my pronunciation diagrams as she uses subjects around the person to identify the personality where I'm gonna use the subject to identify the sound.

Milena Dragicevic

I absolutely adore these paintings! I discovered them at a recent visit to the British Art Show 7 and still can't believe how amazing they are. Serbian painter Milena Dragicevic suggests both religious supplication and victimised pleading in her work but also mysteriously beautiful features and strokes of plain colour. I will sure take them as my main inspiration while developing the project.

Pronunciation Development

So... the idea of the project is to create diagrams of pronunciation based on Cyrillic alphabet. As it shows there are no exact diagrams of how your face (or to be precise- fold of your lips) 'should' look like when you are trying to pronounce Cyrillic letters.Taking into account Russian language is one of the hardest to learn it’s crucial to provide every possible way to help the learners.
I've taken some (31) pictures to then draw from them. The reason they are all of me is not because I'm vein but because I then know that I'm trying to pronounce every letter to my best and with clear impression. And it's a bonus that I'm Russian therefore I've been pronouncing them 22 years. Here are some examples.

Speech tutor

If only I could draw from the same perspective as this video is done...

Speech and action

A family friend has an organization called Learn Russian Speak Russian. It consists of mother, daughter and granddaughter plus hundreds of pupils and fans.They encourage people to learn Russian and to learn it in the fun way. This video is an example of what they do. Lesson 2.


This  video shows the movement inside your mouth and throat when the action of speech is made. It's a shame I can't do x-ray images myself and trying to guess would take a long time and most probably would come out wrong.

This video shows every letter of Russian alphabet being said by the teacher. I thought of making something like this myself but I would like to resolve this problem on paper if I can.

Breakthrough Speech Therapy App Animates Speech Sound Productions

Breakthrough Speech Therapy App Animates Speech Sound Productions

Self Initiated

After creating my own font I got really interersted in the way cyrillic alphabet is formed and the way the individual sounds are pronounced. Here are initial ideas from my sketchbook. I looked at the way the airways and mouth is structured and possible ideas of interpreting.


Zine. Final

Pages from final zine. I'm happy with the way it turned out. I used ink and collage technique and also some letter stamps for the cover.