Thursday, 30 June 2011

Media that I would like to work with

This lovely lady is designing some adorable bears that are hard to resist for any girl.. She donates every 10% from each Bubs Bear to St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice.

I really like the fabrics on these. My ideal project would be if I got to use fabrics or some kind of textile work.

Similar products and campaigns

Here is the campaign website, the aim is to design a tee in aid of free range farming.

Factory Chicken by Joe Coleman

Joe: "Here's my entry for the Compassionate Dorset competition to end factory farming! They are a voluntary animal welfare group that promote compassionate living through fundrasing events and creative projects. You can find out more here:"
Hallmark for Join(RED)

Many famous people design items for charity or in some cases brands design for celeb's charities, e.g. Bath & Body Works is selling a candle in aid to Elton John's AIDS Foundation. T.K.Maxx has ongoing products in aid to various charities. The most popular one without a doubt would be Red Nose Day tees...